Direct Oceanview Home at 7 Howe Road, Nahant, MA


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JoAnn Kalogianis, CEO
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Home area
6,600 sqft
Lot dimensions
6600 ft


Reach out and touch the surf. Ocean view hideaway is sitting on a picturesque pocket cove yet it is only twenty minutes from Logan airport. Amazing extras! It is like the homes you have seen featured in magazines.

Dear reader, the first thing you should do is go to Google Maps and plug in the home’s address: 7 Howe Road, Nahant Massachusetts. The home is on an island—a tied island (connected to the mainland by a causeway).

What this reveals is one of the home’s most alluring attributes. The house is perfectly positioned in a vest pocket cove that looks like it should be on a postcard.

Instead of the singular view of water only, here you are sitting in an amphitheater that yields every charming image you have in your mind of a small New England coastal town. Craggy shoreline. Sailboats, trawlers and fishing boats that come in and out of the harbor. Glance at photo 3 above: at night you see the twinkling lights coming from the other homes and cottages that dot the shoreline.

One-Of-A-Kind Design By A Master Builder.
3-Levels. 6,600 Sq. Ft. What Extras!

The residence was created by an experienced developer who built over 1,000 homes. Builders’ personal homes are unique because of the extras they put in them.

The home has five bedrooms, six baths, two kitchens, three laundry rooms, two fireplaces, “his-and-hers” offices and a double garage.

You could run a cooking school from this kitchen. The restaurant-caliber space has everything on a chef’s wish list. It is equipped with a huge stainless six-burner gas stove by Thermador™, and the same brand for the double convection ovens (so you can bake bread and a turkey at the same time).

If you are really into healthy food you will love this—the kitchen also includes a Miele™ steam oven in which you can prepare fish and vegetables. You can use it to warm plates for a festive meal.
Clean-up after a party or a big meal is made easier because there are two dishwashers and a trash compactor. There are two wine fridges and another to chill beverages. You can use the island work station to cut fresh flowers for the table, and to lay out cookbooks and all the ingredients for a special meal. Know this—from the kitchen you get panoramic views of the bay, and you can see the Boston skyline twinkling at night.

A Guest Room/Bath For Your Parents
If you glance at the floorplan on page two you will notice an ingenious flex room in the back left corner of the first floor that can serve as a guest room. This is very helpful if parents or family elders will visit because they would not have to contend with stairs, and there is a bathroom next to this space.

If you have children you will appreciate the lower level. They may be darling little angels now but here is an experienced parent’s disclosure: they will turn into teenagers. Imagine the summer months when they are out of school. They can get by on just a few hours of sleep for weeks on end. It is a rite of passage…they will play music you hate. They will invite friends for overnight stays so frequently you will think you’re running a boarding house. Don’t panic. The entire lower level is made to absorb all that energy. It has its own full kitchen, bath and laundry room. There is a separate study for those who want to get serious schoolwork done. Don’t fret about stains on wood floors or carpet—floors are sealed tile. You can decorate this space with inexpensive furniture so they can roughhouse with their friends.

The Master Wing Feels Like A Retreat
One of the benefits of putting the master on the second floor will be evident the instant you step inside—towering views of the ocean and beach. The way the house is positioned you can take in sunrises and sunsets from this spot. The master is comprised of four distinct spaces—a 25’x16’ sleeping area, sitting room, lavish bath and an exercise area. There is a fireplace for romantic evenings. There are extra touches any woman will notice. For example, there is a sit-down space and make-up lights in the dressing area. Not only one, but three huge closets—one with purse and shoe bins. The soaking tub costs about three times that of the “ordinary” kind; it has a heated backrest…tiny holes for bubbles and a hand-held nozzle for washing your hair. And a family member has said this: “the deck off the master is like a treehouse deck. I have slept outdoors there many times under a star-filled sky”.

Other extras were incorporated into the house. An engineer was used to design the foundation with a rebar grid at one foot intervals for added strength. The heating system includes a humidifier to keep moisture in the air during the winter. Two huge store rooms are ideal for sports gear and holiday decorations. Windows have a special “polarized” coating that enhances the view to the outdoors. In place is an $10,000 Siemens gas generator with auto-start in case the power ever goes out. The small lot is easy to maintain. A landscape architect designed the front and back with flowers and ocean grasses.

If you have been searching for just the right place on the water you may have noticed it is not that easy to find. Most are older houses with dated floorplans. Newer houses like this one often run in excess of $3 million dollars. 7 Howe Road is modern. It is gleaming. With 6,600 square feet, you will never get “cabin fever” if you live here. Another great benefit is gained here. You can go for an evening stroll on the beach, hand-in-hand with your sweetie. The ribbon walls of glass and proximity to the water deliver the mesmerizing sound of the surf which provide a constant reminder that you live on the ocean. The picturesque cove will make you feel like you are standing in the middle of a National Geographic photograph…all the time. From the home’s perspective, you can watch thunderstorms march, spark and snarl their way across the horizon. Crimson-colored sunsets are a daily drama. From this house you can see the July 4th fireworks in Boston.

And if you want to really feel connected to nature try this when you visit the house. Close your eyes and relax your breathing. Then notice the rhythm of the surf. Match your breath to the waves coming in and out…and you suddenly realize humans and the ocean “breathe” in matching cycles. This cannot be a coincidence. If you need your world to spin a little slower, this is the place. It is restorative here. It’s the kind of home that will be in your family for generations.

Live here and you may want to adopt a ritual—a gratitude moment of the previous owner: anytime he drove from the mainland and headed home over the causeway, he would say, “We are now on freedom road”. The price is $2,488,000. Remember the axiom “quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”.

How To See This Home
Serious inquiries only please. Call the listing agent, JoAnn Kalogianis Spaneas (an owner-agent) at 978.423-4730 of Land And Sea Real Estate. If you want to tell someone about this home, all details, a site plan of the lot and many additional photos are at